How To Write A Paper For Publication

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Research is often a slow process, requiring the careful design, optimization, and replication of experiments.By the time you have accrued enough data to write a manuscript, you will likely want to publish as soon as possible.This inquiry may help to rapidly determine whether your paper would be a good fit for the journal without having to proceed through the entire submission and peer review process.

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Additionally, consider drafting your figures early, particularly because this process can become more time consuming and daunting if weeks or months have passed since you collected the data.

AJE’s academic illustration services are also a good source for assistance with figure formatting or creation of custom illustrations, especially when you are pressed for time.

Composing the materials and methods section while the protocols are still fresh in your mind can also expedite manuscript preparation.

Unfortunately, the publication of a well-designed study with significant implications may be impeded by unclear writing.

Rapid publication can accelerate the dissemination of findings, decrease the likelihood of being scooped, and allow a quicker return to the laboratory to work on the next study.

Whether you are currently performing experiments or are in the midst of writing, the following tips may help to increase your publication speed: Designing key experiments with publication in mind, including the proper controls and layout, reduces the time wasted on repeating work to obtain more complete or presentable data.For help with your writing, consider asking your colleagues for input on your manuscript, referring to AJE’s Author Resource Center for editing tips, and/or using AJE’s editing services or translation services.This type of software can be used to archive relevant references, decreasing the time spent on searching for papers that you have read previously.If you submitted your manuscript to a journal but still have not received a decision, you may want to consider checking with the editor about the status of your submission.The standard amount of time from submission to decision making can vary between journals and fields, so you may want to confer with colleagues or check the journal website to determine whether you have been waiting longer than usual.Using a service such as Peerage of Science or Axios, which provide peer review before journal submission, can further increase publication speed.You can also simply get feedback from your colleagues on the strength of your paper using our free developmental editing template.A thorough, clear, and polite response to editors’ and reviewers’ comments will help to reduce the likelihood of rejection or another round of review, thus saving you additional time.Wherever you are in the process of researching and writing, we hope that these 12 tips will help to accelerate the publication of your manuscript.Creating an extended outline may help structure your thoughts, especially for longer papers.Here are a few samples outlines for research papers.


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