How To Write A Paper Presentation

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Though, this all depends on the nature of the work.To create a presentation from a full-length paper or article, you can pull out the most important parts of the article, based on the above list or based on the subheadings in your own article.

Visuals are considered very effective tools for keeping the audience interested and for conveying a point.

Your next slide should contain your research questions mentioned in your introduction as well.

Don't regurgitate the same information in your paper.

Instead, prepare your presentation to discuss why the key points are important or the differences between your point of view and a well-known paper in the same field.

Practice your presentation in front of friends and family members and ask for constructive criticism.

This helps you know whether you can stay within the allotted time constraints with your current script or if you need to tweak it.

Academic presentations could be based on research in progress, unfinished work or the full drafts of a research paper.

An academic presentation is a sort of like an advertisement for the paper than an attempt to present all the information in the paper.

For the introduction, you can use the same compelling introduction you use in your paper.

In the Power Point presentation, it is a good idea to find a picture that describes the aim of your research.


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