How To Write An Essay About A Short Story

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Try to formulate a rough thesis statement (your "claim").

Now try to select those pieces of evidence that you feel you can most convincingly use to support the claim you made.

Of course, for some students who have a long tale to tell, the shackles are still there in the form of a restriction to a certain number of words.

If you find yourself in such a position, take it as a challenge that will serve to heighten your creativity as you teach yourself to write a complete short story in 1,000 words or 1,500 words.

Other elements that may be useful but may be difficult to handle in a short essay are narration/point of view tone, imagery, symbolism, motifs, form or storytelling technique.

If you choose to include the more difficult elements, be sure to define the elements for your readers.

The simplest form for the shortest of stories will devote one paragraph to each of these stages, perhaps two or three paragraphs for the rising action.

With your outline complete, you are ready to write your story.

It is our goal as professional academic writers to teach our clients the best way to write by providing as close to perfect custom written research papers.

On this page, we attempt to show you the skills our writers use to analyze a short story by using Flannery O'Connor's short story "A Good Man is Hard to Find".


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