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The impact of our research is demonstrated by the invitation of our team members to present their work at world-class scientific meetings and coverage of our work in both local and international media.

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Since 1945, IBM Research has defined the future of information technology with more than 3 000 researchers in 12 labs located across the world. The Advanced and Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) team focuses on making scientific contributions to AI algorithms, and applying AI to address real-world problems.

Scientists from IBM Research have produced 6 Nobel Laureates, 10 U. Our current research topics cover the areas of computer vision, natural language processing, sequence modelling, semi-supervised learning, and explainability.

Our system implements a new joint transition-based parser, based on the Stack-LSTM framework and the Arc-Standard algorithm, that handles tokenization, part-of-speech tagging, morphological tagging and dependency parsing in one single model.

By leveraging a combination of character-based modeling of words and recursive composition of partially built linguistic structures we qualified 13th overall and 7th in low resource.

churches or kitchen, and allows modifications with brushes that do not just draw simple strokes, but actually draw semantically meaningful units – such as trees, brick-texture, or domes.

Try GANPaint Studio The MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab focuses research on healthcare, security, and finance using technologies such as the IBM Cloud, AI platform, blockchain and quantum to deliver the research to industries.

Explore our research We are looking for talented researchers who are as passionate as we are about artificial intelligence, advancing science, and inventing the next generation of intelligent machines.

He was the recipients of the Best Paper Award in IEEE ICC'19 and KDD workshop on DLG'19, and the Best Student Paper Award in AIAED'19 and KDD workshop on DLG'19.

Lingfei's research has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Nature News, Yahoo News, Venturebeat, Tech Talks, Synced Review, Leiphone, Qbit AI, MIT News, IBM Research News, and SIAM News.

He has organized or served as Poster co-chairs of IEEE Big Data'19, Tutorial co-chairs of IEEE Big Data'18, Workshop co-chairs of The IEEE Big Data'19 Workshop on Deep Graph Learning: Methodologies and Applications (DGLMA’19), Workshop co-chairs of The KDD'19 Workshop on Deep Learning on Graphs: Methods and Applications (DLG’19), and Track co-chairs of The Third International Conference on AI Adaptive Education (AIAED'19).


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