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Research shows that it predisposes children to depression and violence in their latter years.

Consequently, it teaches them that violence is an option in the solution of problems.

According to Lwo and Yuan (140), corporal punishment impairs the relationships between children and caretakers and consequently reduces communication between the parties.

This lack of communication creates an ineffective learning environment.

Conclusion There has been debate on the effectiveness of corporal punishment in the correction of misconduct in schools.

The practice is rooted in traditions that emphasize that sparing the rod spoils the child.

However, the practice of corporal punishment in Singapore has deleterious effects since the exercise leads to pain, fear and anxiety that disrupt the learning environment.

Corporal punishment leads to fear of teachers and the school in general hence spoils communication between learners and teachers.

The school as a social institution is expected to train individuals who later co-exist in a society free of violence.

In schools, teachers play the roles of both mentors and educators to children.


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