International Business Case Studies For The Multicultural Marketplace

International Business Case Studies For The Multicultural Marketplace-47
WHILE DONORS HELP to save and transform countless lives by giving 3,500 organs and two million blood donations each year, research shows that, on average, three people in need of an organ donor die each day; one organ donor can help as many as nine people; and every blood donation can help up to three people. ALTHOUGH home to one of the world’s busiest airports, China’s fourth largest city wasn’t appearing in many China travel itineraries.CASUAL stereotyping in the media of older people, and the elderly, frequently leads to senior citizens being positioned as a burden on society, resulting in discrimination and ageism.

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Measurement and evaluation is increasingly the go-to communications discipline of choice of leading organisations – many of them globally-recognised brands – in guiding their public relations efforts, shaping future strategy and gauging reputation.

This latest batch of case studies are edited versions of AMEC Gold Award winning entries and showcase the very best of measurement in action.

A measurement programme, allied to two outcome-based reports, allowed the charity to optimise its PR tactics and demonstrate its role in getting the right response from the Government…A highly flexible analysis programme allowed a global smartphone brand to develop its strategy to target key audiences efficiently, while reacting rapidly to the developing crisis around the launch of one of its flagship devices…White Ribbon Day is held annually and aims to end violence towards women, but the topic of domestic violence is so complex that it requires a more detailed view and sensitive analysis than low cost tools can provide…INCREASINGLY AWARE that the global debate surrounding diabetes, sugar and obesity was converging, the International Diabetes Federation knew it needed to engage outside of the diabetes ‘world’ and to stake its position in the media debate.

But how could the Federation build the strategic alliances and partnerships necessary to strengthen its impact…A successful communications campaign drove changes to parental purchasing habits, leading to significant reductions in the purchase of featured high-sugar product categories, and in children’s intake of sugar, one of the main causes of obesity in the UK…HOW the Tooth Fairy helped the UK’s largest healthcare company demonstrate the impact of PR on sales of a leading toothpaste brand, a breakthrough for the communications team, which is also now being used to inform many of the company’s investment decisions…The personal finance brand of a leading international bank faced specific communication challenges, including general negativity around the sector following the economic crisis.

Advanced KPIs were used to gauge reputation and manage the communication…Expert-led reports helped deliver a highly-effective campaign that propelled an absence management software client into the headlines of the national and B2B press and made it stand out against the competition…Understanding that a re-energised media presence would build confidence and facilitate better engagement with stakeholders, the subsidiary of a leading international retailer needed evidence to prove the need for a change in approach…HOW A LEADING luxury car brand was able to use measurement to track competitor activity; media reaction to the launch of its concept car; and the effectiveness of its media spokespeople, and wider communications strategy, at one of the world’s premier motor show events…A GLOBAL conglomerate operating in more than 130 countries with highly diverse media landscapes, Maersk places significant value on comprehensive media evaluation of the group’s quarterly financial statements and the huge volume of media coverage its industries generate worldwide.

But would near-instantaneous, formative evaluation enable them to track areas requiring potential communication improvement…IN THE increasingly crowded global social conversation around the World Economic Forum, a leading business brand faced some specific measurement challenges, including how to use insights gained from social conversations during WEF to inform its overall digital content and communications strategy…Beating a growing car brand’s previous most successful car launch was a tall order, but qualitative media analysis was to play a critical role in developing, fine-tuning and assessing the launch communications…A CHANCE remark by a staff member during an agency’s quarterly review meeting set in motion a chain of events, which resulted in the UK’s first-ever, sport-themed social media index – an annual league table benchmarking success and now firmly part of the social media calendar – and met the agency’s key goal of putting it on the new business...

The V&A has large galleries devoted to temporary exhibitions and, in a...

Consumer PR is crucial in shaping, shifting and sharing the National Trust’s story to retain and attract supporters.

Stroke is one of the biggest causes of death and disability and yet gets much less attention and funding than comparable health concerns such as heart disease and cancer…NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is a Special Health Authority.

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