International Finance Assignment

The name of the sources are Rezaul and Brothers, Kyatex apperal management, Sliknit Garment, Pacific Garments, Dada garments etc.

agency developed this sector exclusively with their own efforts,’’ In early 70’s garment as a prospective industry was unknown both to our economic planners and entrepreneurs.

In mid 70’s when some of the developing countries of South East Asia like Taiwan, Hongkong, South Korea were shifting into the manufacture of High tech” products, manufacturing of basic and labor incentive products were being shifted to lesser developed countries of the region.

There are a lot of books journals, publications , weekly and monthly magazine in the market.

I have taken help from such type of sources to make the term paper.

During the British period, there was no Garment factory in this part of the Indo-Pak subcontinent.

In 1960, the first Garment industry in BD was established at Dhaka and till 1971 the number rose to five.Review of literature It is very hard task for me to prepare a term paper on “A Study on management system of Bangladesh Garments industries: Problem and Solution” because the time is very limited.In spite of limited time, I tried my level best to make the term paper.Last year (2005-06) our export income was 360 crore US$ but import cost for fabrices and others were 200 US$.So to maintain the status in the global market and today’s profit the industries have to reduce production costs.The mentionable journal that I have gone through to make this term paper are the journals of NAEM, Problems and prospect of RMG sector of Bangladesh – A report of BGMEA research cell on oct.2005, Bangladesh export statistics 2005- 2006 Dhaka Bangladesh.As a developing country like Bangladesh RMG play a vital role for our total economy. Bangladesh has become one of the important exporter of quality ready made garments in the foreign market.The main objectives of this tern paper are to analysis the growth and developments of RMG Bangladesh of RMG Sector and to know the management system of Bangladesh Garments Industries.And finally find out some problems of management system of Bangladesh Garments Industries and recommend its solutions.Introduction Bangladesh is a developing country RMG play a vital role in our economy. After introducing this sector in our country unemployment problem solved at some extent. To overcome this challenges, find out the problems of management system of this sector and try to solve.


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