Internet Classroom Vs Traditional Essay

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Generally time is fixed unlike in an online class where time is flexible.

Similarities Although online classes, and traditional on campus classroom classes may seem like they are worlds apart, some similarities exist between these two kinds of learning.

Students who study online usually gain automatic feedback about their own activities.

The focus of e-learning is usually on the learning of content rather than communication between students and instructors.

For online programs delivered with rich media (videos) elements high speed internet The final and the most fundamental difference between a traditional class and an online class is the time.

In online classes there is no set time established for where and when one`s works.These facts prove that learners can profit from online classes in the same they can profit from face to face classes.In recent years, enormous progress has been made in most aspects of people’s lives; in communication technology, education and so forth, which has contributed to making the way to educate people very different from how it was previously done.Whereas online learning allows students to learn anything from wherever the learner has access to a network connection, including home, library, job and so on (2004: 550-562).Another area of difference between e-learning and face-to-face instruction is the time; distance learning provides 24/7 accessibility to course materials.Broadfield (2004: 550-562) states that learners have the ability to choose the most convenient schedule in regards to their free time opposed to the more restrictive demands of attending a physical classroom.The time for classes in traditional classrooms is based on curricula which are usually controlled by government.One, both of them requires learners to go through resource materials and also glean information from lecturers.Technology advancements also make it possible for online learners to take part in classroom discussions in a way which is similar to a traditional class.The majority of people desire to use this technology and benefit from these advancements in order to expand their knowledge and acquire new skills.As a result, the way of learning has changed, for students used to study in classrooms by using books and discussing the important issues with their lecturers face-to-face.


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