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And according to the study, 78 per cent of pupils are now submitting school work typed on the computer. But eight in ten teachers said this has made it easier for kids to blame technological faults. I finished my homework but was unable to save it 7. My internet was down so I couldn't do any research or access assignment 9. My house was burgled and my computer was nicked 11. My computer was hacked and a virus destroyed my hard-drive 13.

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But here’s a quick warning for you – our instructors have heard just about every excuse under the sun when it comes to late assignments!

You plop down on your desk as more students start to file into the class. The other students finally get settled in their seats. He faces the class, smiles, and asks, “Can everyone take out their homework? Quickly, you must think of something to tell your teacher so that he doesn’t think less of you.

Rush to the medical room and you can be saved from a scolding.

Let’s say the papers just got here and there while your room was being cleaned, and you could never find it again.

Claire Galbois-Alcaix of online backup company Mozy, which carried out the study of 500 teachers and 1,000 pupils, said: ''Technology and computing has changed the way we conduct every aspect of our lives.

''And computer crashes or accidently deleting work, are the perfect modern-day excuses to get out of homework. ''I'm sure all of us have at some time actually experienced the panic of losing documents as a result of a computer virus, accidental deletion or even spilling a drink onto a computer and causing a catastrophic crash." The study, which was carried out between the 13th and 23rd August found three quarters of teachers have noticed an upsurge in the number of pupils blaming technology for not doing homework.

Your View: What’s the best excuse you ever gave a teacher for not doing your homework? I emailed it to you, but I got a bounce-back email 2. Windows Vista crashed my laptop and deleted the programme 14.

I finished my homework but then I deleted it by accident 3.

Now, it is important to keep in mind that your illness should sound practical as if it really happened to you.

Do not tell of an ill situation that is hard to believe.


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