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This paper examines the use of Web search engines by faculty and students to support learning, teaching, and research.We explore the academic tasks supported by search engine use to investigate if and how students and scholars vary in their use patterns.Recent statistics indicate that Google has become the search interface of choice for many faculty and students to address their information needs, far exceeding their use of library catalogs or other online citation databases (Griffiths and Brophy, 2005).

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This context includes not only finding information but also utilizing the discovered information successfully to accomplish a certain task.

Considering the search engine use patterns of specific user groups will facilitate more task–focused assessment and development of search engines.

Increasingly they are replacing the role of libraries in facilitating information discovery and access.

Googling has become synonymous with research (Mostafa, 2005).

The paper concludes with a discussion of the implications of the findings for future search engine research and information practitioners.

Introduction Related studies Conceptual framework Research methodology Findings Data synthesis and implications for design Concluding remarks Search engines have become an integral part of our information environment.

A diverse range of articles report the results of studies of the information–seeking and retrieval behavior observed in search engine environments (Kim, 2009; Thatcher, 2008; Jansen, , 2000).

However, as Hargittai (2007) argues, most of the research focuses on technical aspects of search engines without taking into consideration the sociocultural context of use or the practices of the users who rely on search engines.

Search engine use is an as the manifestation of an information seeker’s query that determines the information–seeking action [1].

As Kim (2009) concludes in his study, in order to expand our understanding of users’ interactions with search engines, we must expand our knowledge of the search context and associated tasks.


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