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Typically, in the animal kingdom a weasel is viewed as an unremarkable, and even disgusting animal.However, with the appearance of a weasel, Annie encounters a sort of revelation, or epiphany, about life and how it should be lived.It may seem nice at first to live a life completely free of negative aftermath due to a poor decision, but we are the dominant species and should take it more as an honor to be able to persevere through the hard times, and preserve ourselves and the creatures around us.

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Dillard states, "The weasel lives in necessity and we live in choice, hating necessity and dying at the last ignobly in its talons" (Dillard 63).

Every action of ours has consequences, while weasels just simply act without it being premeditated.

This is because in the story, Dillard talks about the life of a weasel, and compares it to her life (or any human’s life) in that we live our life cautiously and weasels live by their instinct.

For example, when she is describing how a weasel feeds on its prey in the first paragraph, “Obedient to instinct, he bites his prey at the neck,…” (“Living Like Weasels”, Dillard).

“That is, I don’t think I can learn from a wild animal how to live in particular—shall I suck warm blood, hold my tail high, walk with my footprints precisely over the prints of my hands?

Living Like Weasels Essay

—but I might learn something of mindlessness, something of the purity of living in the physical senses and the dignity of living without bias or motive.” In “Living Like Weasels”, the author Annie Dillard, encounters a weasel.In the essay Living like Weasels, Annie Dillard believes we should live more carefree and instinctual as weasels, but what we were given as humans is a gift that no other creature has – free will and choice to shape our own lives.Dillard’s essay delves into the way humans live, and says that we as humans “could live any way we want" (Dillard 66). An ordinary wild animal helped her see the difference between our civilized beings and their primal instincts.What separates us from wild creatures is the fact that we live our lives in caution; we are afraid of taking risks. ..forced to live in it their whole lives, rather than to remedy and continue to move on.Dillard wants us to agree with her idea that we humans "might learn something of mindlessness, s... Dillard believe that humans do not follow through with risks that are taken, so they do it less often as they should.Though, being able to avoid risks should be more of a benefit, not an issue.The uniqueness of humans is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.As she also says, “I would like to learn, or remember, how to live” (“Living Like Weasels”, Dillard).Therefore, she is on a quest to live more like the weasel (and to suggest to readers), “to grasp your own necessity and not let it go,” (“Living Like Weasels”, Dillard).And I suspect that for me the way is like the weasel’s…” Rhetorically Motif “how to live” -Repeated to display the main concern of Dillard.Rhetorical question -Used as an example of what she does not mean by learning from a weasel’s life.


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