Logo Assignment

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See also: Pricing Guidelines Template & Logo Design Proposal Template It’s simply a means for you to pass over your ownership of the logo you designed for your client, to your client.

Once you have done this, then you can no longer claim ownership of that particular design, alter it, sell it etc.

I give students lots of latitude about how they present their information in the powerpoint, but it could be more structured.

This student chose to put the logos and explain them all on the same slide.

You will then design a final design utilizing the best of all styles, for the final design you will pencil sketch different designs before evaluating the best choice and completing final artwork.

Create an imaginary company, organization or think of what you would like to do if you begun your own business. Create 3 logo's using a different font for each one. Think of clever ways you can make a simple font-only logo have impact.Students could also cut and paste the logo from a magazine or newspaper.Then the students list the type of transformation illustrated, along with an explanation.Now I’m using the handy Publish to Web feature in In Design, and sending that link direct to the client.This has streamlined the process significantly, and helps keep things nice and tidy. You will create a series of logo designs to explore different logo creation styles and then sketch and design a final logo design for use in your portfolio as a work sample. You could use the final logo design as the center piece to your final portfolio website, so consider logo themes that describe you and will work well in different environments.There are 5 logo examples below, you will create your own logo designs, 3 for each of the 5 styles for 15 designs., for Download, is a minor update to this older version.It’s important to remember that Logo Design Copyright is quite a different beast to that of a Trademark, and Registered Trademark, so it’s very important to know the difference between them.Obviously you ARE the original designer, and allowed to claim the design as one you’ve created, to show in your various portfolios, etc.For clarity, this is stated in my Contract, just so there’s no horrible misunderstandings.


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