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He has had to make adjustments to that routine a couple of times: first, when we married, and later, when Sherre was born.In turn, we have learned what Louis needs and how to make sure he gets it.

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He likes to challenge me in video games, pinball, basketball, or to help me with his favorite thing of all, my math homework.

When he travels, he calls every night, even if it’s from an airport, the waiting room of a restaurant, or his hotel room, to see if I need help with that day’s assignment.

” — especially since has been winning so many awards and Dad has been in the news.

I have also learned that I have to share part of my dad with all the other kids in the world.

Until then, I didn’t realize that his books had so much influence on that many people.

My dad sees himself as two different people: a writer and a dad who just happens to have the exact same name. I come home every day after school to find him waiting for me to play, because his work day is over.

He likes to hear us talk about what we think is funny, and waits patiently to see if we really “get it,” since some of his humor is kind of deep.“Are you related to the Sachar who writes children’s books? ” These are questions I’ve heard all my life, from teachers, other students, librarians, clerks in bookstores, even people we meet on vacations.

These phrases have become as common to me as “hello” or “what’s your name?

” A fifth-grader asked me that my first week of kindergarten.

Word spread rather quickly on the playground and I was suddenly thrown into the world of people who really loved my dad’s books.


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