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It is a grand object, never quite inactive, always plumed with smoke, sometimes emitting a cascade of miscellaneous debris on to the surrounding countryside, but seldom in full-scale eruption.’R. For ease of reference, I have divided this survey into four periods. Holt, 2015 marks the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, itself widely regarded as a means by which kings, medieval and post-medieval, were taught to respect the rule of law.As in England after 1066, so in Normandy after 1204 there was a great search for ‘pre-Conquest’ sources, some of them authentic, many of them not.

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As evidence here, he cited the exemplification of Magna Carta, issued in the name of the bishops, that was copied into the English Exchequer Red Book which had recently been edited by Hall.

Poole misunderstood the purpose of these letters testimonial.

As noted by Rowlands, the thirteen exemplifications of Magna Carta released by the chancery in June/July 1215 exactly match the number of cathedral churches in England with a bishop in place.

It was thus probably to the cathedrals and their bishops (including the examples still surviving at Lincoln and Salisbury), rather than to the sheriffs, that the charter was first sent.

Stubbs’s pupils, most notably John Horace Round, found this too large a pill to swallow, even within a decade of its first concoction.

As a result, Stubbs’s chief legacy lay not in the ‘Whig’ (in fact, part-‘Tory’) teleology of the Yet, it was by this means that Stubbs helped to establish a close connection between the writing of history and the editing of medieval texts, with Magna Carta as the greatest medieval text of all.

In the process, Tait referred to a passage of Bracton, still worth noting today, confirming the theoretical rights of villeins to sue their lords should a lord bring about their economic ruin.

Here, from only a couple of decades after 1215, we find the language of Magna Carta associated with the interests not just of barons but of the common people. To the non-specialist, it perhaps explains why not every undergraduate took to medieval studies in the age of Stubbs and Tout. In the Liber Niger of Christ Church, Dublin, Lawlor found a copy of the 1217 Magna Carta of Henry III.

At Oxford, in part in order to assist with the teaching of Stubbs’s In Cambridge, although there was less formal teaching provision for medievalists, Maitland and others trailed in Magna Carta’s wake, publishing plea rolls, year books and other records of thirteenth-century law.

Magna Carta made occasional appearances in There he came across a highly significant single sheet preserved in the French Archives nationales: a copy of Henry I’s coronation charter followed by clauses granted by a king who could clearly be identified as King John. He was less accurate in identifying its whereabouts.


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