Making Homework Fun

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So if you’re already dreading the inevitable homework fights, try Penny’s six simple tactics.As this article explains, our mood – positive or negative – is infectious.

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This can range from flash cards in order to learn vocabulary or mathematics to online educational video games.

There are a variety of websites dedicated specifically to providing fun and educational games for children such as Learning Games for Kids or Fun Brain.

Breaks only need to be a few minutes long and give your child a chance to revitalise with a healthy drink, light snack or even some brief physical exercise.

As another school year looms (or has already started), many busy working parents are bracing themselves for the added stress of the wearingly familiar homework battles.

If your child gets bored easily while reading try using different voices for different characters, or even acting out extracts from the book with other family members in order to engage them and keep them interested. Set Up a Homework Area Having a quiet and comfortable place for your child to study and do their homework in peace is essential to building good homework habits.

Work with your child when creating a homework area and take into consideration what they want.

Children are proud of the things they create, so get them to hang their favourite work on the wall for inspiration and motivation, this also helps to prevent paperwork clutter. Get Rid of Distractions Get rid of any distractions so your child can focus on their work.

This means turn off any mobile phones, televisions, computers, gaming devices and music players.

Early learning is our field of expertise, so here are 10 ways both parents and teachers can mix up homework to make it more exciting. Participate in Homework Time Statistics show that parents who play an active role in their child’s homework or school work do much better in terms of grades.

Avoid just siting them down at a desk and letting them get on with it, your knowledge is invaluable to them and it will contribute towards their development. Watch Movies or Documentaries Movies and documentaries may sound contradictory to homework but not all children learn in the same way.


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