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Advertising is one of the most used ways in an effort to increase sales and advertising is also often the most misused way to target audience.

Advertising leads to huge spending by corporates and these companies in turn pass on their advertising costs to the end users.

Government officials and candidates for office carefully stage media events and from print or electronic media.

The fact that the media focuses on some issues and ignores others can help set what gets done in government.

Report broken link FAIR: Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting Concerned about the fairness and accuracy of the news you use?

So are the folks at Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) who act as a national media "watchdog" group. Roosevelt's Fireside Chats FDR's fireside chats helped alleviate the tensions of the Great Depression by keeping people informed, using the new medium of radio.

Report broken link CNNThe Cable News Network — or CNN — provides this information-rich, multimedia-laden companion to its television network. This website, the home of the NRA's "Institute for Legislative Action," acts as an information warehouse and provides the tools necessary to write your elected representatives to express your support or disdain for their gun policies.

Get the latest news from around the globe, and use Real Player to view video clips of breaking stories. is CNN's website." Report broken link National Rifle Association: Institute for Legislative Action The National Rifle Association (NRA) is one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the U. Report broken link The Washington Post Far and away one of the United States' most respected daily newspapers, The Washington Post provides coverage of all the news, with an excellent amount of news on governmental happenings "inside the beltway." Visit their special "On Politics" section for election and government information.

Media sources have often been accused of emphasizing scandal and high-interest issues at the expense of duller but more important political problems.

The government's priorities can be rearranged as a result.


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