Martha Graham Night Journey Essay

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This happened in 1916 when she was 22 years old just after she finished her University studies, where she majored theatre and dance.

With her great determination, Martha impressed her teacher.

Martha Graham is one of the legendary dancers, known and adored by many people in America and beyond.

She was admired for her affectionate dancing and choreographing.

She even went ahead to encourage other choreographers to create dances that portrayed their patriotism to America.

In 1936, she choreographed a dance that she called Chronicle, a dance about the First World War.

Her family moved to Santa Barbara, California when she attained the age of ten.

She had a good childhood, as she was from a well up family.

When Martha could no longer dance as she used to as a youth in her fifties, her students would perform the demanding parts of the dance.

She inspired her dancers by her passion to continue dancing, even in her old age.


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