Medical Case Study Presentation

Examples of how these would be applied to most situations are provided in italics.

The formats are typical of presentations done for internal medicine services and clinics.

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A case presentation is a detailed narrative describing a specific problem experienced by one or more patients.

For example, Cardiology clinics are interested in cardiovascular disease related symptoms, events, labs, imaging and procedures.

Orthopedics clinics will focus on musculoskeletal symptoms, events, imaging and procedures.As a general structure, an oral case presentation may be divided into three phases: Patient details: name, sex, age, ethnicity.Presenting complaint: the reason the patient presented to the hospital (symptom/event).Note that there is an acceptable range of how oral presentations can be delivered.Ultimately, your goal is to tell the correct story, in a reasonable amount of time, so that the right care can be delivered.There are 4 main types of visits that commonly occur in an outpatient continuity clinic environment, each of which has its own presentation style and purpose.These include the following, each described in detail below.Learning a skill that you will use for your entire career -- and that skill is to be able to communicate in a way that enables you to present the patient to any other health-care provider in a concise manner. Your access to the NCBI website at gov has been temporarily blocked due to a possible misuse/abuse situation involving your site.As with any skill, it can be learned, although this takes time and practice.In addition, the world of medicine presents some additional challenges, including: Key elements of each presentation type are described below.


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