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The court may order the return of an original exhibit provided an appropriate copy or a duplicate is substituted therefor.(g) Withdrawal of Papers.

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For example, a local authority may rent a house to a tenant who then sublets a room to a subtenant.

In these cases the middle tenant is known as a 'mesne' tenant (pronounced 'mean').

The relationship between the parties is shown below: Head landlord Subtenant This ladder of letting does not have to be restricted to three parties; there can be any number of subtenancies of a dwelling.

There may also be several joint tenants or joint landlords at each level in the ladder.

Rule 91(f) is a combination of former Rule 77(j) of the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure and former Rule XIX of the Uniform Rules of Practice of the Superior Court.

Rule 91(g) is former Rule 79(e) of the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure, and Rules 91(h)(1), (h)(2) and (i) are, respectively, former Rules XVIII(a), XVIII(b) and IX of the Uniform Rules of Practice of the Superior Court.Every matter submitted for determination to a judge of the superior court for decision shall be determined and a ruling made not later than sixty days from submission thereof, in accordance with Section 21. Each superior court clerk shall report to the Administrative Director of the Courts, in writing, on the last day of March, June, September and December, in each year, all matters in that court submitted for decision sixty days or more prior to the date of such report and remaining undecided on the date of the report.The report shall contain the title of each action or proceeding, the matter submitted, the judge to whom submitted, and the date of submission.(f) Record in Superior Court.Every document or object filed in an action or proceeding shall constitute a part of the record in the superior court.All documents and objects offered in evidence, whether admitted or rejected, shall be marked as exhibits or for identification, and filed in the action or proceeding.The court in each county shall review at least annually the status of all decedents' estates under supervised administration and guardianship and conservatorship proceedings pending for more than two years.As part of the effort to consolidate formerly separate sets of procedural rules into either the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure or the Rules of the Arizona Supreme Court, various rule provisions contained in the Uniform Rules of Practice of the Superior Court and the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure which were concerned primarily with the internal administration of the Superior Court were transferred to a retitled Section VII of the Rules of the Arizona Supreme Court, New Rule 91, which was promulgated in that process, is a composite of procedural provisions formerly contained in other rules.The landlord counter-claimed for possession and mesne profits.The Court held that although the breach was incurable, and would continue to be incurable until an assignee was found and the store opened for business, SHB was granted relief from forfeiture until 28 June 2019 to allow it time to find a buyer, failing which the lease would be forfeit.In this section, the terms 'head landlord', 'mesne tenant' and 'subtenant' will be used to identify the different parties.A subtenancy arises when a tenant creates a tenancy out of her/his interest, but remains in the position of tenant against a higher landlord.


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