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ABSTRACTForensic microbiology as an evolving field in forensic medicine, is a scientific discipline dedicated to analyzing evidence from a bioterrorism act, biocrime through the study of microorganisms in order to determine the path of an outbreak, the identity of a criminal or the origin of a particular strain of biological weapon or contagion (Budowle et al., 2006).

The involvement of microbiology in forensic medicine &nbs...

Nutrient paucity in the soil poses challenge to global production of food.

The use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers to boost crop yield is a recurrent farming practice, despite their unfavourable effects and hazard to the environment and human population.

Adult schistosome worms colonise human blood vessels for years, successfully evading the immune system while excreting hundreds to thousands of eggs daily, which must either leave the body in excreta and/or urine or become trapped in nearby tissues. Fermentation has been employed as a traditional means of improving the shelf life and nutritional contents of foods, thus making fermented foods and beverages functional and therapeutic.

Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) plays a major role in determining the health benefits of fermented milk and related products.

Nosocomial infections are infections acquired by patients or healthcare workers while they are in healthcare facilities, including, hospitals, dental offices, nursing homes and doctors’ waiting rooms.

Infectious diseases are diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, par...

The presence of high microbial load was an indicatio...

ABSTRACTThe basic idea of healthcare facilities which is to make people well is on the verge of being defeated as a result of patients contracting infections while in healthcare settings.


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