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Microprocessor Assignment-53
Concept maps are used as a mechanism for describing design plans.Figures 6.1 and 6.2 represent two common concept maps used in software engineering.During the design phase, the developer must consider how the system will be tested or validated.

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The first step is to have a complete understanding of the requirements or specifications.

In other words, state in common human language what it is that the final design will do. In all lab exercises of this series, the purposes and requirements will be defined by a problem statement.

Not all software applications require exotic planning tools, although all applications do require some degree of planning.

After my 25 years of teaching a course on microcontrollers, the most common mistake I have seen students make is writing code before they completely understand the problem.

Coding is one of the last phases when developing software-based systems.

There are many methods and tools available today to assist in code development planning.Software development will be the focus of the design phase for this series of labs.A significant amount of effort will be needed to understand the required resources of the PIC32MX370 processor along with the functionality of sensors, actuators, displays, and controls used in each lab, as well as the interconnection of these I/O devices to the PICMX370 processor.There are two common approaches to partitioning: those based on hardware such as I/O devices or processor peripherals and partitions based on software functionality so that minimum interaction with or dependency on other partitions is necessary.A control flow diagram (CFD), as the one shown in Fig.6.2, describes the order in which the transactions occur.The CFD is useful when integrating the portioned elements in defining the order in which they are executed.Even a simple plan helps to guide the developer to design a system that meets the stated requirements.Table 6.1 provides an outline of minimal tasks to complete the design process as is commonly done in industry.Although some of these concepts may seem trivial at first, they are important in measuring the ability of a system to meet design requirements and specifications, and will be implemented throughout Units 1-7.A software-based system consists of a collection of electrically interconnected electronic hardware components, some of which require programming using a computer language.


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