Monash University Thesis Request

It is acceptable to have a combination of traditional chapters and published papers in your thesis.

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To search for Monash theses in the library SEARCH, type your subject (or author/keywords etc) followed by monash then thesis within keyword search.Students should refer to the Faculty requirements and consult with their supervisory team about this. The papers in the thesis must remain the same as when the thesis was submitted for examination.You can include a note in the Declaration to inform readers that the paper has been accepted/published and provide the website if available.If the paper is yet to be submitted for publication when the thesis is submitted for examination, the paper should be re-written as a traditional chapter in the thesis.Signatures are not required for chapters presented in traditional format. There is no set number of submitted/published papers required in a thesis including published works, although this varies between disciplines.The collection includes full text of all theses submitted after 2010 (although not all are openly available) and selected scans of earlier print theses.Further information about accessing or submitting theses see Theses Library guide.Applicants are encouraged to: The general field of study, supervision arrangements and the availability of requisite resources and facilities should be discussed thoroughly with the prospective student before the academic unit forwards the application to the relevant faculty office for endorsement.If appropriate supervision and resources can be provided by the academic unit to suitably qualified applicants, the application will be approved by the head of the relevant academic unit and then forwarded to the Graduate Studies Committee of the relevant faculty.Applications for scholarships, however, must be submitted in accordance with application closing dates.The intake for professional doctorates is limited to the commencement of each semester.


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