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So, if you are working on something that requires patient persistent attention, it can be helpful to listen to relaxing music that you enjoy.On the flipside, if you are trying to get through an assignment quickly, it is helpful to listen to songs that have a fast beat.Multitasking has become a way of life for today’s students.

Many online radio apps offer instrumental music with hip-hop beats or in the Indie style.

There are also stations that play instrumental versions of favorite pop songs.

Rhythmic fast-paced music can make you match your speed with that of the beat. On the other hand listening to music while writing an essay can spell disaster!

Whether you are doing a math or sociology assignment, if you are used to sounds when you work your performance may be hindered by complete silence.

Students who find themselves distracted by songs with sing-a-long lyrics will finish their assignments faster if they listen to instrumental-only music or music that they do not know well.

Instrumental music does not have to be boring and slow.

If students are working on assignments that require memorization, it can be helpful to memorize while listening to favorite songs.

Music is a trigger for memories, so the song can help trigger the content that needs to be memorized.

Use the same song while memorizing the same information to make the process more successful.

The music you listen to while completing assignments can help you relax through the process or speed it up.


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