Narrative Essay Appraisal Method

Narrative Essay Appraisal Method-70
It is comparatively more expensive than other techniques, but it usually guarantees precision and effectiveness.This technique is similar to the essay evaluation method.When an employee is hired in an organisation, his appraisal is subjective to the speed at which he grasps things and information he is exposed to.

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It helps employers understand the capacity and the capability of the individual in social settings.

It involves using situational exercises like an in-basket exercise, role-playing incident, , which has been developed recently.

The essay concentrates on describing the various strengths, weaknesses, attitude and behaviour of the individual towards job duties.

This method is less structured and thus gives the appraiser an opportunity to explore and describe niche qualities or shortcomings of the employee that need to be worked on.

This is a fair method of evaluating because the employee knows the odds that he is measured against.

It doesn’t involve giving constant feedback to the employee, because he is being constantly self introspective, thereby saving time and efforts of the employer., which have small teams.

In case of quality of work, precision of the work done is taken into consideration.

Duration of services is used as a criterion by Government entities, where they assume the longest serving employee to be the deserved one for an appraisal.

This performance appraisal method helps the , because he is well aware of his goals and already knows the quality and quantity that needs to be delivered.

It has been observed that when both employee and employer together decide the objectives, the probability of the individual meeting the goal is much higher.


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