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[tags: Information Technology] - Would I use Open Source Software over free commercial software.Before considering the use of open source software for a business, I think it must be considered whether I would use open source software and why; these reasons, or similar ones, might apply to the business environment.Apple is also competing with Microsoft by trying to create a different kind of operating system, one that is creative, unique and changes the way people use information.

[tags: Open source, Free software] - Open source software is software that is available for adaption and improvement by anyone.

Open source software is distributed with an open source license.

These early hackers stayed true to this ideology and made their software completely free with the source code completely accessible....

[tags: connection, hackers, economic] - Open source software is becoming more widespread as the IT industry expands.

[tags: Software Open Source IT] - Three words with definitions: Diversification - the act or practice of manufacturing a variety of products, investing in a variety of securities,selling a variety of merchandise, etc., so that a failure in or an economic slump affecting one of them will not be disastrous.

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Steward - one who actively directs affairs Hierarchy - a system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority ********************************************************************************* The Open Source Movement and Globalization The open source movement has its roots in the programmer culture of the 1970s....

[tags: Computer Software] - Microsoft’s operating system is encountering a heated battle from two fronts: open-source software and Apple.

Open-source programmers seek to share their code for an operating system freely over the Internet which contrasts with Microsoft who seeks to keep its code proprietary.

While I mainly use commercial software packages, I do also use open source software programs, namely Firefox.

The reason I use Firefox as my default browser over IE or Chrome is because of the customization options that is available....


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