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Communication is a process composed of three elements.These elements are considered essential for communication to occur and with the absence of one, communication is said not to have occurred.

Communication is a process composed of three elements.These elements are considered essential for communication to occur and with the absence of one, communication is said not to have occurred.To measure its effectiveness, the similarity between the idea transmitted and the one which has been received is observed.

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To others, that gesture can be seen as invasion of private space.It is a skill that is acquired through practice and learning.Such skills as speaking, listening and writing are developed in various ways.For instance, we learn the basic communication skills by observing the people around us and some are taught to us directly through education.Nonverbal and Interpersonal Relationships For instance, in case an individual transmits information, idea or feelings to another person, communication is said to have occurred.However, on the same point facial expression is also another important factor because if you look at the smiley faces, then you immediately know the kind of emotion or feeling is being insinuated.The eyes, grin, frown, eyebrows; we all know relate to an internal human face.Staring can indicate a range of emotions including hostility, interest and attraction.Communicating through touch is another form of nonverbal behaviour and it is referred to as haptics.Touching can be interpreted as a form of affection, comfort, remorse and reassurance.To some, it can be interpreted as invasion of personal space or fear.


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