Norm Violation Assignment

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I wanted the rush of people to reduce a bit as this could aggravate reaction of people.

I was seriously nervous before I was beginning to enact this process of violation of social norm.

Introduction Norms largely remain unnoticed although they underlie almost everything we do.

By violating these norms, we can easily prove that indeed they do exist.

A bus is also a less costly option, wherein I need to spend less and get more freedom to move around.

Social Norm Experience As I started to enter the bus, I found that the bus is crowded and there were no seats to settle down.I would talk by giving little gap so that people would not think I am doing it on purpose.I know that while travelling in a bus, all are conscious about the environment they are in as a public bus is a vehicle which has different types of people from various race, religion and culture.This is because bus is a social atmosphere which gives a profound impact on others and self.The reaction I can get from a bus is not possible from a train or an airplane.The bus is also a vehicle which brings in lot of people and ample time to fit physically in its environment.This social atmosphere of bus is highly accurate for violating a social norm.Public places and vehicles are extremely delicate areas and any abnormal behavior can disrupt public interest and freedom.There is a social norm of behaving in a bus and violating it by talking to self can arise many reactions among public.The behavior of people in a bus talks a lot about one individual’s attitude, mannerism and mental wellbeing.A person’s attitude in public places reflects his individuality as it is a space where many people engage and involve.


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