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Paul has taught OCR's A Level in ICT, GCSE in ICT, GCSE in Computer Science and A Level in Computer Science amongst many other qualifications and his students achieved consistently outstanding results.

When Paul is not working, you will find him enjoying time with his wife, son and daughter, spending time with friends and family, watching good quality television such as Homeland, or taking part in adrenalin filled activities such as white water rafting, sky diving and theme parks!

Paul spent many years as the Principal Moderator and Principal Examiner for the Structured Practical ICT Tasks coursework for OCR's AS Level ICT until he left to concentrate more on family life.

During this time, he gained valuable experience and knowledge of how an exam board operates and how complex assessments need to be clarified in order for teachers and students to understand them.

You can also download further programming examples in BASIC, Java Script and Python.

The first unit underpins the other learning in this qualification.

Students will learn about the techniques businesses use to understand their market and develop their products, investigate what makes a product viable and understand how businesses attract and retain customers.

They will also learn about key aspects of small businesses, including ownership and functional activities. From this they will create a researched and costed business proposal.

Requirements / Skills for Entry to the course Ideally students should have a qualification in ICT such as GCSE IT / Computing or Di DA.

However the most important requirements are a keen interest in all aspects of ICT, the ability to work independently and to keep to deadlines.


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