Odysseus Character Analysis Essay

Both have relatively the same characteristics: strength, loyalty, intelligence, courage, and pride, but what makes them an epic hero is not entirely what they have been through.

It is actually their ability to portray what their civilization finds most heroic in a person that makes them an epic hero.

He gives Polyphemus an extremely strong wine, in which Polyphemus asks him his name. Later on, when Odysseus is given a chance to string the bow, he does it so effortlessly that the epic poem compares it to harpist stringing his instrument with a sweet new string.

Odysseus replies: “My name is Nohbdy; mother, father, friends, everyone call me Nohbdy”(9.274-9.275) When the Cyclops passes out, Odysseus and four of his strongest men stab Polyphemus in his eye with the sharpened pole that he and his men ... This clearly shows his strength in comparison to the other warriors of Ithaca.

When he first addresses Nausicaa on the island of Scheria, for example, his suave, comforting approach quickly wins her trust.

Like other Homeric heroes, Odysseus longs to win kleos (“glory” won through great deeds), but he also wishes to complete his nostos (“homecoming”).

Odysseus has the defining character traits of a Homeric leader: strength, courage, nobility, a thirst for glory, and confidence in his authority.

His most distinguishing trait, however, is his sharp intellect.

Throughout Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus displays wisdom combined with strong loyalty and inspiring leadership through the evident trust of his men and the ability to conquer any challenges that he may face along his journey back to Ithaka.

Odysseus is very wise; he is able to get out of any situation he finds himself in and can also deceive anyone he finds the need to.


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