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If you do not believe me look at the numbers according to an article in "Newsweek" since 1991 the purchasing of organic food has raised twenty percent.

Secondly, it is often hard to define whether food is really organic or not.

This guide provides some details and facts on the topic.

Such tests are expensive, which makes the “organic” products costly.

Indeed, the market for agricultural goods has increased over 1,000 times in price during 2010-2014.

As a result, after reading this article, you get all the knowledge on the topic to answer the question “Is Organic Food Really Organic? Moreover, you know what exactly will make your essay stand out from the others.

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Everybody is jumping on the organic food bandwagon. There are many other reasons why organic food is better. A.) It is gown in natural soil so Mother Nature grows the plants like a garden.

Legally, the food safety is not the area of concern of those who maintain the standards of organic goods. Department of Agriculture ensures that the products are organic, meaning that no prohibited substances or practices are used when producing it.

Read 10 facts on food safety provided by the World Health Organization. There is also the Organic Foods Production Act which lists all prohibited practices, pesticides, antibiotics, fertilizers, and the like.

There is a growing concern that what people call organic might be neither healthier nor more natural than the products not labeled as such.

Firstly, chemical pesticides are not the biggest problem in the food industry.


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