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Criteria for student class projects are applied on a course by course basis and include (but are not limited to): **Student Works.

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A similar exception is granted by the Vice President for Research for certain courses (such as industrial arts design or engineering senior design, masters of science in technology management) that allow students to own their inventions made as part of the course.

The exception applies when the only University facilities used were those routinely made available by the College/Department to all students enrolled in the course.

In the event that neither the University nor the sponsor claims ownership, students are free to own their inventions and enter into agreements involving their inventions directly with third parties.

Students are required to disclose such inventions to the OTM to receive confirmation of ownership.

As the copyright owner, you get to make those decisions.

But if you give away your copyright—as some publication agreements require—you can lose all of those opportunities and privileges.This exception is applied on a course-by-course basis and will be memorialized in supporting documentation prepared by the course instructor in conjunction with OTM in advance of the course commencing.In addition, such project oriented courses often engage sponsors to provide funding and/or specific projects.See the license itself for how to do that, or ask us! Obtaining copyright permission can take weeks (sometimes months) so start early.For complete information on how to request permission, including a video on how to use permissions request forms as well as templates for e-mails and phone calls, please see our Obtaining Copyright Permission page.In those cases, the sponsor may claim ownership of resulting inventions.If so, students must be informed of the requirement to transfer ownership of inventions to the sponsor at the beginning of the semester.For more specific details of the governing rules see Article III of The General Rules Concerning University Organization and Procedure or contact an OTM staff member.According to The General Rules, excluding certain copyrighted works as noted below**, the University owns all intellectual property developed by any University employee or by anyone, including students, using any University facilities, equipment or funds.For these student initiated and directed start-ups, the University will allow the students to retain ownership of their intellectual property resulting from these efforts, even though they utilize limited University facilities and resources, through an exception to the General Rules granted by the Vice President for Research.For details on recently approved activities contact OTM.


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