Pacific War Essay Questions

It also includes descriptions of chapters from the book Truman and the Bomb: A Documentary History. first major section of this web site analyzes American and Japanese views of kamikaze pilots in two separate essays.

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Also includes 50 battle images (primarily photographs but also a map and a wartime poster) at modernhist/Offers a background essay, “The Decision to Use the Bomb,” and three primary source documents: “Report of the Interim Committee on Military Use of the Atomic Bomb, May 1945”; “Report of the Franck Committee on the Social and Political Implications of a Demonstration of the Atomic Bomb (For a Non-Combat Demonstration), June 1945”; and “The Potsdam Declaration, June 26, 1945.” Includes student exercises. id=17This unit of study allows students to examine primary source materials and background information available to U. decision-makers in mid-1945 to reconstruct both the scientific odyssey which produced the bomb and the debate within the Truman administration on whether the bomb should have been used against Japan and how. FP3 &-Layout=Media Information Record&Biblio ID=688&-Search Four lessons use art and literature to explore the Japanese government's decision to pursue a policy of imperialism, patriotism and the mobilization of the Japanese people behind government policy, non-conformists and dissidents who protested government policy, and the social and cultural scene within Japan at that time.

objectives of this lesson plan are that s tudents will: identify perceptions towards Asians widely held by the American public through the analysis of political cartoons from the 1940's and 1990's; recognize the ramifications of such perceptions on Asians and Asian Americans; and consider the role of the media in influencing perceptions. modernhist/Presents two essays and discussion questions: “The World at War: 1931-1945”; and “ Japan and the United States at War: Pearl Harbor, 1941.” byrnes-literature/Dent/DENT.

The Pearl Harbor attack, however, was only partly successful.

Though Japanese forces caused significant damage to the US Fleet and killed 2,335 US troops and 68 civilians, their attack was not fatal.

comprehensive site concerning the Imperial Japanese Navy and the Pacific War.

Contains articles, data, images, and operational histories of subs, destroyers, aircraft carriers, cruisers, battleships, and auxiliary vessels.

Created by students at The Matsushita Center for Electronic Learning (MCEL) at Pacific University.

main page offers background, other resources, and links to 20 primary source documents.

Grade levels for this lesson are 9-12 and the expected duration is one or two class periods.

bomb/large/Part of the Truman Presidential Museum and Library, this site offers documents, photographs, oral histories, and lesson plans about the decision to drop the bomb.


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