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That is, although we need to be able to evaluate the evidence in support of the validity of a measure, that evidence is often hard to find because such information is often difficult to publish in our best journals.Our research indicates that private equity funds struggle to deploy capital at the same pace as they raise it, as distributions have outweighed capital calls by a significant and striking degree over the past five years.This issue of Front Line makes a comparison of return profiles and cash flow schedules of different types of LBO funds (small, medium, large and mega cap funds).Submission and Review Process To submit a manuscript, the journal receives all manuscripts electronically via its Scholar One Manuscript site.For more details on the submission process, please visit the journal’s Instructions for Authors page for more details. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] 2012, every paper published in 68 top-tier journals has been included in the Nature Index database.The index tallies the number of articles (AC) published by universities and research institutions, and by extension, reveals the output of cities and countries.A “wait and see” approach has then led to a significant decrease in RVPIs over the last three years.The actual Brexit will lead to further disruptions. Once the outcome of the negotiations is known, it seems likely that British fund managers will capitalize on this expected major economic disruption.2018 was a golden year, with high-performance levels, a particularly low level of performance dispersion and a short time-to-liquidity.Capital commitments have continued strongly since the Brexit vote in mid-2016, with deployment becoming more stable from 2016 onwards, compared with the trend seen over the previous three years.


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