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Arrive in the morning with a desire to learn; leave in the evening as a more knowledgeable writer. Personal Essay Intensive topics include: personal essay defined, merging the personal and universal, structure, voice, getting published.CLDR.default Language = 'en'; window.stripe Publishable Key = 'pk_live_j PJc40DWMMKu3fs Rf JJwj Uk K00BBya GPPi'; Ember.

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This essay highlights her personality and values and helps us imagine how she will collaborate with others throughout different spaces on campus in a diverse student body.

By broadening her initial anecdote and having the majority of the essay focus on her reflections and takeaways, we were able to spend even more time learning about Callie.","Through her writing, Callie allows the admissions committee to better understand her approach to learning new perspectives.

The author effectively expands from this one experience to how his learning style has changed in the past few years.

Through his essay, we get a sense of Devon’s growth mindset and can envision him continuing to develop as a student and individual once on our campus.","_modules_admissions_8_content_0_body":"field_58dd957c14807","modules_admissions_8_content":["body"],"_modules_admissions_8_content":"field_58dd956c14806","modules_admissions_10_tag_text":["",""],"_modules_admissions_10_tag_text":["field_58dd955014803","field_58dd955014803"],"modules_admissions_10_heading":"","_modules_admissions_10_heading":"field_58dd955614804","modules_admissions_10_lead":"Admissions Committee Comments","_modules_admissions_10_lead":"field_58dd955e14805","modules_admissions_10_content_0_body":["Through her writing, Callie allows the admissions committee to better understand her approach to learning new perspectives.

A personal essay is similar to a memoir; both incorporate elements from the writer’s life.

But a personal essay focuses more on the viewpoint, and a memoir focuses more on the story.

We believe that Rocio’s sense of perseverance will translate to her college experience as well.","_modules_admissions_12_content_0_body":"field_58dd957c14807","modules_admissions_12_content":["body"],"_modules_admissions_12_content":"field_58dd956c14806","modules_admissions_14_tag_text":"","_modules_admissions_14_tag_text":"field_58dd955014803","modules_admissions_14_heading":"","_modules_admissions_14_heading":["field_58dd955614804","field_58dd955614804"],"modules_admissions_14_lead":"Admissions Committee Comments","_modules_admissions_14_lead":"field_58dd955e14805","modules_admissions_14_content_0_body":"Akash does a great job of displaying his academic curiosity by introducing us to his experiences with topics like the periodic table, mathematical symbols, and coding, and how these all came together to lead him toward a passion for medical research.

Rather than simply telling us what he’s interested in, Akash shows us his journey through a variety of academic fields in order to paint a picture of who he is today.","_modules_admissions_14_content_0_body":"field_58dd957c14807","modules_admissions_14_content":["body"],"_modules_admissions_14_content":"field_58dd956c14806","modules_admissions_3_tag_text":"","_modules_admissions_3_tag_text":"field_58dd955014803","modules_admissions_3_heading":"Hear from the Class of 2023","_modules_admissions_3_heading":"field_58dd955614804","modules_admissions_3_lead":"These selections represent just a few examples of essays we found impressive and helpful during the past admissions cycle.","_modules_admissions_3_lead":"field_58dd955e14805","modules_admissions_3_content_0_body":"We hope these essays inspire you as you prepare to compose your own personal statements.

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