Phd Thesis Award Biology

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In our field, the main focus is often on the design of a specific type of artificial metamaterials that control light to a high precision by making use of small engineered structures.

Our aim was not to develop specific material designs, but to more generally explore what are the physical restrictions on possible applications with metamaterials, hence the title of my thesis “Exploring metamaterial horizons”.

Real black holes are massive objects that deform space and time in an extreme way, for example, time slows down close to the event horizon of a black hole from which nothing can escape, not even light.

I really struggled to find how photons behave near this singularity.

The award amounts €1000 and a certificate of appreciation.

Jacobs did his research on 3-millimetre-long red flour beetles ( ) and was supervised by Dr. He discovered an evolutionary innovation that might explain the extreme success of insects.

I am very proud of her,” says Sophie Viaene’s supervisor Philippe Tassin, Associate Professor at Department of Physics at Chalmers. To be highlighted among the many exciting physics projects at Chalmers by an independent panel of physics professors is something that I am very proud of, " says Sophie Viaene.

“I think that my thesis was appreciated because it combines ideas from quite a few scientific disciplines.

In one of his studies, Chris Jacobs removed the serosa genetically from the beetle embryos to show that it is a crucial membrane preventing them from drying out or becoming waterlogged.

The drought-resistant eggs may have been crucial for insects to become more independent of water and thrive on land.


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