Phd Thesis Microbial Fuel Cell

Moreover, the use of ferricyanide as catholyte required regular replacement.It is important to control the anodic potential for accurate detection of current changes and the prevention of “false alarms”. Phenanthrene degradation and concomitant electricity generation using a bioelectrochemical process .

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The MFC-biosensor reproducibly generated electrochemical signals (change of anodic potential and current peak) in response to defined AOC concentration.

Although the linear correlation between electrochemical signals (change of anodic potential and current peak) and AOC concentrations were of satisfactory level (R2 0.98), the use of a simple MFC-biosensor that was continuously operating at a constant anodic potential was not practical or reliable.

Therefore, the overarching objective of this study was to develop an MFC system for the effective and efficient treatment of petroleum hydrocarbons in both liquid and particulate systems.

Biodegradation of target hydrocarbons, phenanthrene and benzene, was investigated in dual-chambered microbial fuel cells (MFCs) using different inoculum types - Shewanella oneidensis MR1 14063, Pseudomonas aeruginosa NCTC 10662, mixed cultures and their combinations thereof.

Environmental pollution by petroleum hydrocarbons has serious environmental consequences on critical natural resources upon which all living things (including mankind) largely depend.

Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) could be employed in the treatment of these environmental pollutants with concomitant bioelectricity generation. Effect of hydraulic retention time on the performance of a novel tubular MFC fed with petroleum hydrocarbons.

One of the major types of RO membrane fouling is biofouling; which is caused by bacteria feeding on assimilable organic carbon (AOC) that are presence in seawater leading to bacterial growth on the RO membrane.

Hence, AOC can be used as an indicator for the relative biofouling potential indicating that a good seawater monitoring system for AOC is crucial for early detection of biofouling potential.

peak power density up to 6.75 m Wm-2) were observed.

The performance of a tubular MFC system in phenanthrene-contaminated soil was investigated in the last study.


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