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Interviews will be held on Sunday, February 9After a brief introductory session, students will proceed to one of four interview rooms where they will meet with an interview team consisting of a member of the selection committee, a current student in the Honors College, and an alumnus of the Honors College.

Each interview will last approximately 20 minutes and each applicant will be asked the same set of questions.

Peer mentors are experienced students selected for their ability to share basic college information and their personal experiences and insights about college life.

For new students, mentors function as models of student success who are willing to share the pitfalls they have encountered in college and the strategies they have developed to overcome them.

Students may feel lost on campus, the diversity of student social life may pull them in many directions, faculty may seem intimidating, and course demands may feel overwhelming.

Students often feel that no one – not their advisors, their faculty, or even their parents – can offer them insights into the current realities of college life as well as other students can.All SKYPE interviews must be established well in advance of the interview day to ensure scheduling coordination. NOTE: All materials must be postmarked by January 15, 2020, to ensure consideration for the applicant in the 2020-2021 Freshmen Honors College Class. 15 postmarked date will not be considered for review by the selection committee.Of the thirty students selected as members of the new incoming freshman class, the top twelve will receive the Presidential Scholar Award, the next twelve will receive the University Scholar Award, and the final six will receive the Crimson and Gold Scholar Award.Once the points are collected from each Interview Panel Member, an average will be calculated and these points added to the original 100 points.A line will be drawn at the top 30 applicants and those are the students who will be invited to the Honors College.Members of the Honors College have many opportunities to make great new friends and lay a solid foundation for their success. S., students gain valuable insights about college life through small-group activities, meet with an academic advisor to plan their fall semester, and complete university enrollment procedures."Walking into the Honors College Overnight, I had no clue what to expect, but it turned out to be an exciting learning experience.It all begins with the Honors College Overnight Orientation experience. There was food, plenty of friendly people, never a dull moment, and the talent showcase gave us all a good laugh and a unique way to get to know others.It's an amazing family to have while away at school.” ~ Hannah Overbey Peer mentor groups are groups within the Honors College, usually consisting of around 2 - 3 sophomore "mentors" and 5 - 6 freshman "peers." The Peer Mentor Program is intended to help the new incoming freshmen acclimate to the college’s academic and social life.Freshmen sometimes struggle through their first weeks or months at college as they adjust to the very different academic and social world of college.Students will also have the opportunity to take a campus tour if they have not already done so.Following the interview process, the committee will meet and the top 30 students will receive invitations to become members of the PSU Honors College for the fall of 2020.


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