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It’s important to read the literary magazines in which you’d like to publish you submit your work, so that you can determine whether they are a good match for you.Some literary magazines are online only while others publish both online and print.In the beginning, you might try a few formulas and see what yields results. You can have the best cover letter in the world, but it won't get you anywhere without a great story to go along with it.

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The best place to start is our comprehensive and carefully vetted database of over twelve hundred literary magazine and journals, where you can find details about the specific kind of writing each magazine publishes and in which formats, as well as editorial policies, submission guidelines, and contact information.

After you’ve narrowed down a list of magazines and journals that publish the kind of writing you write, carefully take note of the submission guidelines for each, and be sure to follow those guidelines carefully.

' which describes a game show contestant with Jumping Frenchmen of Maine disease." If you have a genuine reason for submitting to this journal, share it, but only if you can do so while sounding sincere.

If the journal prefers to be informed ahead of time about simultaneous submissions, address that issue briefly by saying, "I have submitted these to a few other publications and will let you know immediately if any are accepted elsewhere." If you have been invited to re-submit, remind the editor that he or she has seen your work before. If you studied writing or have published before, state it here. You just want to provide context for what they are about to read.

Often print journals have websites where you can read current or archived content and get a general feel for the publication.

Bookstores often have periodicals sections that include literary journals and magazines you can browse through.

Thank the editor for reading your work, and close with the standard "Sincerely," or "Best regards." Leave four lines for your signature and then type your full name. If your printer can handle envelopes, type the address, but it is also fine to address the envelope by hand.

Again, use the editor's name here, either above the journal name or below the address.

For paper submissions, use standard copy paper; type, don't handwrite; and absolutely no illustrations.

For the salutation, avoid "To Whom It May Concern." These days, most editors are listed in the masthead on the journal's site: take five minutes to find a name.


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