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Each of the three things you write in your thesis statement will then become the topics for your three body paragraphs in your paper. First, you are writing about the beach at sunset- and why you chose to write about it. If you like sunsets, then something like the colors of the sunset are a key point to your thesis statement, and one of your paragraphs. What do you think about or dream about when you see a sunset at the beach? The conclusion paragraph should restate your thesis and indicate that you have finished what you wanted to say.

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Almost any essay for high school can be written in a 3point thesis, in 5 paragraphs.

The colors are so beautiful, it is peaceful and relaxing and I have time to remember the many things I am thankful for. I love the all the characters in the story, it is interesting to learn what it was like to live back then, and my father read me this story for the first time.

There is nothing worse than having tuna noodle casserole for dinner.

Think about how something looks, feels, tastes, sounds and so on. Most essays are about 500 words and have at least five paragraphs- meeting the Three Point Thesis Essay format: The introduction should contain your thesis statement as the last sentence of the paragraph. A thesis statement declares what you think, believe or what you intend to describe and write about. A thesis statement can sometimes be difficult to write. Write what your paper is about and list three things to support it.

The thesis statement needs to be in the middle, or at the end of your introduction. Be ready to explain why you like sunsets in detail. Once you have chosen three main things about sunsets at the beach, you can have three paragraph topics and you can begin to put it all together. You body paragraphs should support your thesis statement.


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