Pollution Solution Essay

Write about the following essay topic: The environment we live in is in danger due to various problems. To begin with, there are many behave and reasons in the environment which cause inevitable consequences such as pollution.

These dangers are tremendously progressed due to advanced processes which caused myriad issues.

Some of the units release pollutants as the bye product.

For instance, dye making factories are known to cause pollution no matter how they follow the norms of the government.

Scientists have predicted that the world will face more floods because the glaciers in the mountains may melt.

It is bound to cause untold destruction to the people in plains.

Infertility: Indiscriminate use of fertilizers such as pesticides and insecticides can reduce the fertility of the soil and result in the reduction of the crop production.

In short, it would create huge problems in the form of famine and starvation of the general population.

More often than not, internet and newspapers are filled with information about the increase in the levels of the carbon monoxide and Sulfur Dioxide in the atmosphere.

In fact, now it is well known that pollution is caused due to various reasons.


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