Poverty In The Third World Essay

Poverty In The Third World Essay-57
'The US proposal is a concrete starting point for our negotiations,' pointed out Leppoldo Tettamanti, Argentine ambassador to GATT.'We are losing about billion a year because of the decline in agriculture prices.About 1.4 billion live in poverty; they don't have food, shelter, sanitation and water so on.

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Other sources, like Population Concern, come up with different arithmetic: an even distribution of the world's food production would yield a per capita intake of more than 1,600 calories and 59 grammes of protein and this is, according to the FAO, what an average body requires daily while at rest.

The latest study of the International Wheat Council says Third World demand for wheat, rice and coarse grains like barley could rise by 55% by the turn of the century. But world prices, depressed now by the current surplus, are likely to rise.

These nations never developed industrially in a normal way, and now the mega-corporations that run the world dictate the terms of trade, so the poor nations can't get out of the pit they're in.

The solution has to be fair trade” Anon “There are many and varied causes of poverty in Africa.

His German Socialist colleague, Katharina Focke, was more cutting: 'The European Community's food aid policy is still dictated by political interests rather than any intention to promote development,' she said.

'It is an acceptable way of distributing European surplus to the poor countries, associated with high costs, countless mishaps, delays, wranglings over responsibility and bureaucratic obstacles.' Frances Moore-Lappe, the author and campaigner who helped set up the 'Rome Declaration Group' as an alternative to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)'s World Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development, argued that food aid increases the Third World's dependence on foreign aid and aggravates the imbalance between food production and export crops.Civil wars, corruption, rampant nepotism and mismanagement.Imposition of unfair and damaging policies by the IMF and World Bank, through the nineties.But the Europeans who argue against the US scheme fear that it could mean more farmers without work.In reply, the USA has proposed phasing out all subsidies to farmers by the year 2000 - an argument that freeing trade in food was one answer, especially benefiting Third World farmers.Some experts like Moore-Lappe argue that there really is enough food to go around comfortably, right now.The world's grain production suffices, she says, to give each human being a daily calorie intake equivalent to that of the average North American.North America' and 'the dangers to world food security from possible climate, logistical and political factors'.These are seen as good enough reasons to call for the development of alternative sources of supply to the Third World countries.The system that we live under will always lead to oppression, exploitation, poverty and death for the majority of people in the world” Anon “Lack of birth control, disease, lack of clean water” Anon “I believe ‘poverty’ is different in developing countries.Chronic shortage of food in a large number of developing countries in recent times has focused world attention primarily on the urgent need to increase agricultural production in order to provide more food for the Third World population.


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