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Many times when you turn it back on, everything opens up fine and work returns to normal.Of course, if it happens again and again, that could be an indication of a virus, a bad program, that you need to clean your hard drive or add more memory.And by updating/installing the latest antivirus and antispyware software, you can eliminate any hidden programs that were slowing you down.

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That might be the could also be just a computer "hiccup." At that point, even an IT expert would start with this recommendation: It's time to "reboot"—simply restart your machine.If your computer won't turn on, there's a good chance that the power supply isn't working anymore.Believe it or not, power supplies are actual equipment and are not just electrical cords—and they can be the source of the problem.Most of the time, your computer should operate quietly, so that the most you hear is the soft, steady hum of the internal fan.If your computer starts making strange noises (at least noticeable new noises), you need to pay attention.In fact, very few of us even know what makes a computer come to a halt.Here's a glimpse at the top computer troubles, what causes them to happen, and what you can do to address or fix a computer glitch.A few fixes might solve the problem and get you back on track.There's a way for you to clean up your hard drive and eliminate files you no longer need.But when something goes wrong with your computer—maybe it slows down or you can't get an Internet connection—you can curse the computer age because now you can't get anything done.Very few of us know how to fix computers, but it's worse for computer novices.


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