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I am going to share with you a website that is particularly for solving problem and making money . Chegg is a website where people pay Chegg so that they can ask question . And Chegg give platform to them to ask there question. A budget based on real numbers sets you up for success, so use what you learned when you tracked your spending.

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In a little notebook, or by using an app, software or our Expense Tracker, make a note of where you’re spending your money.

You might want to track what you spend on certain types of expenses, e.g.

Your first assignment is to put all of your cards away for at least 2 weeks.

When you need to buy something, you’re only allowed to use cash.

Was it easier or harder to part with cash than plastic?

Did you only buy things you needed, or was there also enough money to buy something that you wanted? Some studies have found that people spend as much as 15% more per purchase when they use plastic instead of cash.

After 2 weeks, if you’ve managed to do it, give yourself a passing grade.

Consider what you learned about your spending habits by only using cash.

Over the next month, identify areas of your budget that need some special attention.

Look for ways to decrease your spending with your utilities.


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