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The contractor has promised to complete the work in twelve weeks.

The two lecturers wish to remain anonymous throughout the programmes.

The Jubilee Media has contracted Bobby Bodgit Ltd (BB), a construction company to build a studio for filming and Voice Over facilities to safeguard the identity of the lecturers.

The Jubilee Media has agreed to pay the additional amount to the BB contractor due to the importance of the event.

The Jubilee Media hired to Voice Over experts and an editing engineer to edit the voices of the lecturers.

It discusses the section 90 and 139 of Restatement of Contracts which form the basis of the concept of Promissory Estoppel.

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It also discusses the evolution of Promissory Estoppel with judicial interpretations of the concept.

Contents Contents 3 Introduction 4 Bargain Theory of Consideration 5 Restatement of contracts - Section 90 & section 139 6 Promise vs.

Reliance 7 Criteria for establishing Promissory Estoppel 10 Judicial Interpretation of Section 90 10 Promise to Negotiate rather than perform 11 Lack of Injury due to Reliance 12 Unconscionable circumstances against Statue of Fraud Requirements 13... For example, someone who grants a deed to real estate before he actually owns the property can't later go back and undo the sale for that reason if, say, the new owner strikes oil in the backyard.

Negligence is the most obvious claim available to Mike Jigger and his Uncle Lewis based on the events that occurred the night of the festival.

Aunt Maria and Soraya appear to have a claim under the Fatal Accidents Act and a possible negligence claim for psychiatric injury as secondary victims.1 In order to establish liability for negligence, the four elements of negligence must be present.2 The first element is that the defendant owed the claimant a duty of care.3 Duty of care is based on the principle that “we owe our neighbor a reasonable duty of care” argued by Lord...


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