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As you do this, you don’t want to ramble on and on.

Instead, think about interesting facts that could get your audience thinking about the topic.

On top of hooking the reader, you need to provide background information on the topic.

Remember that you should consider your audience as you determine how much background information is necessary.

And as mentioned before, think about your audience as you decide how in-depth you need to go on the topic. You may want to discuss some of the other solutions that others may propose and discuss why these aren’t viable options.

Now that your audience is well aware of the problem, it’s time to discuss your proposed solution to it. If they are viable, then discuss why your solution is better. Since you’re writing this proposal to gain support, this document should be persuasive in nature. Not only do you need to convince your audience that this is the best solution to the problem, you want them to get behind you.

You could even try the solution on a smaller scale to show the results.

While you state the solution, take some time to discuss the feasibility of your project.

As previously stated, it’s important to capture your reader’s attention from the beginning.

Your introduction should do two things: engage the reader, and set yourself up as a credible source.


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