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The questionnaire contains 434 items and usually takes between 45-60 minutes to complete but it isn’t timed. Belief: Evan believes that the Oak tree in his backyard is the oldest tree on his property. People who take longer than this may be thinking too much about their responses, or may be trying to gear answers towards what they perceive others may be looking for but this isn’t required. New information: Many of the tree’s on Evan’s property appear to be dying and the Oak Tree is looking the worst. In addition to the questions below, we have full length aptitude assessments available for purchase Personality Questionnaire The most commonly used personality instrument applied is a well known, well researched and valid tool that is used to assess personality traits that are relevant to the style with which someone will go about tackling their personal and working lives.

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Quantitative Critical Thinking is fully integrated with the Harrison recruitment system so that it can be directly connected to other assessments, resumes, cover letters, customizable job descriptions, job campaign management, candidate tracking, automated decline emails, and other applicant tracking features including multiple administration accounts with varied levels of access.Critical Reasoning is a skill middle and senior executives need to have to enable them to think strategically and solve particularly complex problems often in an environment with a high level of uncertainty.Strong critical thinking is about being able to make logical decisions about information irrespective of your opinions on topics.The personality questionnaire will ask the participant to read a series of statements, decide how they feel about each, then mark their answer, , on the answer form.It is important to note that there are no “right” or “wrong” answers to the questions. No influence on belief As demonstrated by the diagram, if 7kg of force is applied to the beam in which direction will the 7kg weight move?The resulting scores are job specific, making interpretation easy and accurate.It provides an excellent applicant experience and is proven to have strong correlations with job success.On this page you will find some introductory information regarding some of the assessments utilised by PSI.There are various hints and tips available and also a range of sample questions which have been provided to familiarise you with the types of questions in PSI assessments.Critical Thinking requires a candidate to identify and define the problem, collect necessary information required and identify the assumptions made, provide possible explanations to the problem, evaluate alternatives to select the best solution and finally draw conclusions to reach at a decision.The is suitable for hiring at mid managerial and senior managerial levels.


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