Qualities Of Good Students Essay

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One way to think about the bigger picture is to actually allocate some time just to .

If you're always looking to your to-do list for the next task, you'll never expose your lens and think about why you're doing all these tasks.

If asking questions fails, or more likely, is not possible, there are endless alternative means of finding something out - books, journals, and of course, the life-saving Wikipedia. Unlike in school, at university, you are expected to manage your own workload, attendance, and engagement.

If you start to miss classes or assessments, you will quickly find your grades slipping, or worse, you may even fail - god forbid!

It helps to stay well informed about a range of topics, even those which are not directly related to your specific area of study.

This will allow you to put what you know into a larger context.The more you have in your toolbox, the more ways you'll be able to think about a problem and come up with an innovative way to solve it.There's also collaboration: working with someone who has a completely different set of strengths to you will force you to see things differently and, in partnership with them, you'll both be able to contribute to an idea that would never have been formulated if the pair of you were working alone. Travelling widely can help you become more creative by exposing you to different environments and cultures.A further set of skills which are often overlooked for students are communication skills.Being able to present the information you know to both a lay audience and an expert audience is vital for demonstrating your grasp of the material.Taking some time to sit back and consciously muse can help you put things into perspective.Whatever subject you study, there are some skills that you will always need.If you aren't able to admit you don't know something due to fear or embarrassment, you won't be able to utilise your innate curiosity - and it's curiosity that leads to innovation, creativity and originality. The ability to come up with new ideas or new ways of thinking about a problem is a characteristic of an exceptional student.So don't be afraid to give your own opinion on a topic or argument, even if it's contradictory to what others have said.A good way to maintain your curiosity is by observing others who are good at what they do, and then asking questions about anything and everything you don't understand.Asking questions of experts is a brilliant way to learn how something works - they are experts after all!


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