Race And Ethnic Essay

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They live in a society together with no laws or governing powers.

Indians stay in small tribes therefore making crime less probable.

Sociologists see race and ethnicity as social constructions because they are not rooted in biological differences, they change over time, and they never have firm boundaries.

The distinction between race and ethnicity is important because ethnicity can be displayed or hidden, depending on individual preferences, while racial identities are always on display.

‘Mira, please tell him we no the same,’ said Diego Torres.

(32)” By Fabrizi not being able to understand the differences between a Puerto Rican and a Dominican, Mohr sees that the interaction between an immigrant and a citizen of the United States is important when constructing ethnicity.

Also the reaction of the American to the immigrant is also a way of understanding the determination of ethnicity.

It is seen that Mohr’s main focus in the classroom agrees with Nagel’s idea of how ethnicity is created through the perspective of others.

At this time the political situation in Poland was so that all Jewish people were requested by the government to leave Poland.

Worsening Racial Inequality through Recession Racial inequality has indeed become less common than in the past, but it is still very much present in our current everyday society.


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