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In fact, these categories don’t reflect biological groupings at all.There is more genetic variation in the diverse populations from the continent of Africa (who some would lump into a “black” category) than exists in ALL populations from outside of Africa (the rest of the world) combined! There are no genes that make blacks in the USA more susceptible to high blood pressure, just as there are no genes for particular kinds of cancers that can be assigned to only one racial grouping.

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But rather that the variation is not racially distributed.Why is busting this myth of a biological basis of race important in a blog for ?Because, if you look across the USA you can see that there are patterns of racial difference, such as income inequalities, health disparities, differences in academic achievement and representation in professional sports.At the present moment, people of color invest their time and effort in running and playing sports like football and basketball.But if this is because there was a physical genetic advantage, wouldn't they be dominating other sports like tennis (I know the williams sisters, but think generally), soccer, volleyball, rugby, hockey, etc..There is not a single biological element unique to any of the groups we call white, black, Asian, Latino, etc.In fact, no matter how hard people try, there has never been a successful scientific way to justify any racial classification, in biology.If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself by having a look at some of the references below.Seriously, there are no biological races in humans today, period.Absolutely right- there are NO racial differences worth noting.But what do I say when my racist friends ask why the finals of the Olympic 100 meter dash always consist of 8 black men? The fastest man in England, the fastest man in Canada, and the fastest man in France are always black, too. Surely the Russians have tried to produce a champion sprinter. So, why do we see nothing but blakc men in the Olympic sprint finals every four years?


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