Reading Fiction Is More Enjoyable Essay

In fact, we think “fiction” is a misnomer for any great work of literature.“Fiction” means “untrue,” and the best stories and novels contain wisdom for living that cannot be captured in any other way.Though alien today, the notion that women existed to serve and please men was certainly prevalent in the nineteenth century.

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His words stir the reader’s imagination, thereby transporting him to the described scene. On the other hand, the visual impact of a movie is straight cut, leaving no scope for the viewer to form his own image of the situation.

Scenes like the leper’s island, in Henry Charriere’s novel, “Papillon,” where the author befriends a group of disfigured men round a bonfire,or the remote island in the Atlantic Ocean where he falls in love with a young Red-Indian girl, while trying to escape from a Godforsaken penal colony in French Guyana, continue to haunt my mind to this day.

We put it down with new understandings of the world around us and, most important, of ourselves.

Let’s look at the novel , written in 1818 by Mary Shelley, and on the great-books list of many colleges.

His appropriate choice of words enabled me to read into the minds of the real-life characters in his story and conjured pictures like nothing else could, not even the much-acclaimed movie that was made after it.

The Guyanese-born, British-American writer’s mastery over the English language, as he went about describing human emotions in a racially-prejudiced society, stimulated me intellectually right through the book.

Movies, first and foremost, look toward a commercial success to recover the enormous expenditure involved in its making. One can pick up a book from the bedside table and read it before falling asleep, or he may bury himself in the work of his favourite author while rolling through the countryside on a train.

A novel, by and large, is a work of art that has a sublime influence on the reader. A reader can afford the luxury of enjoying a novel at the time of his choice – when he is mentally alert. One can come home dejected even after seeing a good picture, simply because he wasn’t in the right mood. Particularly for writers, it serves to enhance their creativity.

Why should they spend their scarce “free time” reading fiction, the purpose of which, at best, is only entertainment? Yes, we respond, we do find pleasure in reading fiction.

But we also learn much about how best to live our lives in ways that can only be captured by fiction.


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